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Summer Camp Registration March 28 @ 8:30am


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Ages: For youth ages: 15–18 years
Date: Mondays Feb 27 - Mar 20, 2023


Art for the Heart

Come and join us for a night full of art, creativity, and mindfulness where we will explore various art mediums to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and artistic individuality.

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Ages: Children ages 13-18 years
Date: Tuesdays Feb 7, 21, Mar 7, 21



Want a place to “hang out” with your friends and listen to music or play a game? Come challenge your friends to Exploding Kittens, test your gaming strategy in Settlers of Catan, and laugh the night away playing Apples to Apples and more. Got a game you have been dying to try or music you love? Let us know! We can not think of a better way to spend a Tuesday Night Out.

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View some great testimonials from various parents What Parents Are Saying

My daughter learns best from others (aka “not mom”). She enjoyed all the mindfulness activities. The most significant learning for her was the reinforcement of deep breathing with the Hoberman sphere and blowing out finger candles when she is experiencing big feelings.  These are things I have been encouraging her to try but now that I can remind her that she told Sophia, the program facilitator, that she will practice blowing out candles, she is much more likely to actually use the skill to find her calm. My daughter has been fairly socially isolated over the last year due to the covid pandemic. It was impactful for her to hear that the other participants in her class experience similar feelings in similar situations.


I am currently pregnant and I can’t take my kids out to the park very much because I don’t have the energy to run after them or lift them so this was especially good to have this resource where I know my son is getting out some energy while I’m still spending quality one-on-one time with him and I don’t have to be the one to initiate the activities.  This program was well organized and my son always looked forward to class. He loved the social aspect of it too – being able to lead activities and share thoughts.