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1. Register

Complete registration form online (link is below). If necessary, print out any additional forms required for before or after care, etc.


2. Pay

Credit card payments can be made online. Anyone wishing to pay via debit, cheque, or cash can still register online and then make payment in person.

Payments must be made WITHIN ONE WEEK at our Administration, Westbrook, or Summerside locations, Monday to Friday during regular hours of operation (closed for lunch 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Site specific hours are posted on our website).


Camp descriptions and details can be found below, and you can also download a copy of our Summer Camp Information & Registration Guide HERE


3 to 5 Year-Old Half-Day Morning Camps  9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 
Cost $80/week*  (* $65/week for four day camps)

Children aged 3 to 5 are welcome to participate in a morning half-day summer camp experience running out of our Westbrook and Summerside locations. In each camp we will explore a different theme, along with our Building Blocks social skills curriculum. The program will emphasize social development, including sharing, problem solving, and coping with feelings. Children will participate in developmentally appropriate, fun, and interactive activities Children must bring their own healthy snacks (nut-free) from home. 

  • Free before-camp care is available from 8:30 a.m.

  • Children must be fully potty trained.

BUSY BODIES   (Summerside: Aug 13 to 17  &  Westbrook: Jul 9 to 13)
Does your child like to move? We will be moving and grooving in this active camp. Enjoy interactive games and activities, both indoor and outdoor. Your child will have the opportunity to explore many ways to move their body at stay active; everything from yoga to dancing and sports.  

LITTLE EXPLORERS   (Summerside: Aug 7 to 10*  &  Westbrook: Jul 23 to 27)  
Does your child love to explore? In this half-day version of our popular drop-in group, we will explore the world around us through play-based activities that allow your child to express their creativity. We will explore art, perform science experiments, and get messy in this hands-on camp. 

OOIE GOOIE   (Summerside: Jul 30 to Aug 3  &  Westbrook: Jul 3 to 6*)  
Squishy, gooie, and FUN!  Warning ... this camp will get messy!  In this camp we will focus on sensory exploration and science as we make something new together each day. Your child will go home with a sample of our creations and the recipe so you can recreate the experience at home. 

PRE SCHOOL ACADEMY   (Summerside: Aug 20 to 24)
Transition your children from the pace of summer back to routine. In this camp we will work on improving your child’s ability to transition from one activity to the next. We will model a school environment, while still including many fun activities and games. Your children will experience themes including; art, music and science all while working on their communication skills. Enroll your child in the prestigious FFRN Academy today; your #1 destination for all things transition.    

SAFARI ADVENTURE   (Westbrook: Jul 16 to 20) 
Let your little one GO APE at this exciting, educational camp kids will love. Each day of camp there will be an interactive animal, geography and science component. Virtually visit different habitats, and explore the world through the eyes of the animal. Your child will be busy learning through real life experiences.



6 to 12 Year-Old Full-Day Camps   9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Cost $140/week*  (* $120/week for four day camps)

This summer we will be hosting a variety of week-long summer camps for children ages 6-12 at three locations, Millhurst, Westbrook, and our new Summerside location! Each camp will have a unique and exciting field trip (either artist-in residence will visit the camp or an outing will be included. All camps include aspects of our agency’s Kids with Confidence Social Skills curriculum. Children will learn important life skills through fun activities and games. Camp leaders will create an engaging and supportive environment that will help children to build self-esteem and relationships with others as a team. 

  • Free Before/After-camp care is available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Children must bring their own lunch & healthy snacks (nut-free) from home.

  • Children must have completed kindergarten to attend camp.

ART ATTACKS CAMP   (Millhurst: Aug 13 to 17  &  Summerside: Jul 9 to 13)
Express your ideas and show your originality at this exciting art camp! We will be creating a variety of interesting and unique modes of art including: splatter painting; sketching; and sculpting. Unleash your creativity and take home what you make in your own portfolio at the end of the week.

EXTREME EXPERIMENTS   (Millhurst: Jul 16 to 20  &  Westbrook: Aug 7 to 10*)
Calling all mad scientists! At this camp we will be learning about cause and effect through EXPLOSIONS! Every day we will be doing different science experiments to uncover the answer to one simple question: will it explode? We will also be learning about self-regulation of our emotions, and how to avoid explosions that can occur when we bottle them up.

FFRN DETECTIVE AGENCY   (Millhurst: Aug 7 to 10*  &  Summerside: Jul 16 to 20) 
Puzzles, riddles, and clues! Work together with your campmates to solve the problems and uncover the mystery using a team approach. Explore themes around mystery, problem solving and mostly adventure. Who will solve the mystery, and what will we uncover?  

THE GREAT OUTDOORS   (Millhurst: Jul 30 to Aug 3  &  Summerside: Jul 23 to 27)
If you love outdoor activities and being active, then you won’t want to miss this camp. We are planning a variety of outdoor games, sports, obstacle courses, and nature scavenger hunts. Every day will be a new adventure so come prepared with your outdoor clothes, sunscreen, hats, and bug spray.

GLOBE TROTTERS   (Millhurst: Jul 23 to 27  &  Westbrook: Aug 13 to 17)
Grab your passport, pack your (lunch) bag and get ready for adventure. We will make passports and get them stamped as we explore a new region of the world each day. Participants will learn about travel, geography, and culture. Through team challenges children will gain knowledge of what makes our world a diverse and special place. 

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN   (Millhurst: Jul 3 to 6*  &  Summerside: Jul 3 to 6*) 
Is your kid a foodie-in-training? Or interested in where the food on their plate comes from? In this camp children will learn all about the kitchen and how to make their own cookbook. This program offers a twist on cooking as everything will be cooked safely and creatively in a microwave oven. During this program your child will be introduced to information about nutrition and healthy eating, and have a chance to prep, cook, and eat their delicious creations. 

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!   (Millhurst: Jul 9 to 13  &  Westbrook: Jul 30 to Aug 3)
Lights, camera, ACTION! A camp aimed at budding film stars, stage performers and kids who are interested in TV and movies. We will be doing a combination of musical, visual and performance arts including activities such as skit writing, dress up, set creation and theatre sports. The camp will inspire creativity and campers will learn how to express themselves through acting.  

WILD & WACKY WEEK   (Millhurst: Aug 20 to 24  &  Westbrook: Aug 20 to 24) 
A whole week of unbridled mess making!  Play clothes are an asset for this camp, as the main goal is to get messy!  Activities with an emphasis on sensory exploration will have you painting with water balloons, even stomping in a pool full of goo and that’s just the beginning. Exploring many of our other camp themes in a way that can only happen in a week designed so you can roll up your sleeves and just get MESSY! Art, science, Mother Nature and food will all happen, but how we get there will be much different. The perfect way to transition from the summer to the school year! 





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